Chapter Order

We know this is new, so to help you read the chapters in order, just click on the links below. Note: Each of the first five chapters is the beginning of its own new storyline. You can also click on the story titles to read each of those separately. We hope you enjoy!

The Unwanted Suitor

An Unlikely Courtship

Mistaken Identity

The Stablemaster’s Daughter

Tabitha’s Folly

Chapter One: A Great Deal of Bother

Chapter Two: Curses and Lies

Chapter Three: Dangerous Arrangement

Chapter Four: The Torrent

Chapter Five: Shocking Proposition

Chapter Six: Stealing Devotions

Chapter Seven: A Delicious Distraction is Afoot

Chapter Eight: An Insufferable Flirt

Chapter Nine: Boorish Dinner Partners

Chapter Ten: Such a Muddle 

Chapter Eleven: Awash in the River

Chapter Twelve: Devil’s Snare

Chapter Thirteen: Tall Tales and Icy Glares

Chapter Fourteen: Eavesdropping

Chapter Fifteen: No Worse Fate

Chapter Sixteen: The Stray Cat Rescue

Chapter Seventeen: Ballads and Bravado

Chapter Eighteen: Blast His New Attraction

Chapter Nineteen: Too Close

Chapter Twenty: Mangled Revelations

Chapter Twenty-One: Ever At Odds

Chapter Twenty-Two: A Choice in the Dark

Chapter Twenty-Three: Battledore

Chapter Twenty-Four: Games and Gauntlets

Chapter Twenty-Five: Gossip and Ghosts

Chapter Twenty-Six: Mixed Signals

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Midnight Meetings and Stained Glass

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Allies and Enemies

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Crossing Swords

Chapter Thirty: A Change in Affections?

Chapter Thirty-One: Whist and Wagers

Chapter Thirty-Two: Memory Shards

Chapter Thiry-Three: Maps and Billiards

Chapter Thirty-Four: Waylaid by a Waltz

Chapter Thirty-Five: Courtship and Conjecture

Chapter Thiry-Six: The Last Dance

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Risks and Revelations

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Up to Something

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Gingerbread Hopes

Chapter Forty: Discovering Unhappy Truths

Chapter Forty-One: Misfortune . . . or Serendipity

 Chapter Forty-Two: Distrust All Around

Chapter Forty-Three: Charades

Chapter Forty-Four: Rain Drops

Chapter Fort-Five: Contrary Hearts

Chapter Forty-Six: Unexpected Visitors and Unwanted Memories

Chapter Forty-Seven: Stolen Moments

Chapter Forty-Eight: Compatible Confrontation

Chapter Forty-Nine: Risks and Rewards

Chapter Fifty: Arrangements To Be Made

Chapter Fifty-One: False Attractions and Demanding Missives

Chapter Fifty-Two: Poetry, and A Kiss, Perhaps

Chapter Fifty-Three: Odds of Betrayal

Chapter Fifty-Four: The Sonnet

Chapter Fifty-Five: Pure Poetry

Chapter Fifty-Six: Unpredictable

Chapter Fifty-Seven: Road to Ruins

Chapter Fifty-Eight: An Unwelcome Return

Chapter Fifty-Nine: To London and Back Again

Chapter Sixty: Daring Declarations and Deceptions

Chapter Sixty-One: Discovery

Chapter Sixty-Two: Misconstrued

Chapter Sixty-Three: Dueling Desires

Chapter Sixty-Four: Dearest Wishes

Chapter Sixty-Five: Nothing as it Seems

Chapter Sixty-Six: Forgiveness and Dances

Chapter Sixty-Seven: Breathless

Chapter Sixty-Eight: Ballroom Blaze

Chapter Sixty-Nine: Promises

Chapter Seventy: To the Rescue

Chapter Seventy-One: Portraits and Kisses

Chapter Seventy-Two: Garden Tête-à-Tête

Chapter Seventy-Three: New Pages

Chapter Seventy-Four: At Last

Chapter Seventy-Five: Fond Farewells