Tabitha’s Folly

By Jen Geigle Johnson

Tabitha recklessly dodges four over-protective brothers while trying to gain attention from the man who holds her heart. An enticing distraction  shows her another choice just when Henry might begin to appreciate what has been before him all along. Will Tabitha be able to choose wisely and avoid the danger that is at her fingertips? Follow along in our weekly episodes. Five Authors. Five Romances. One Unforgettable Houseparty.

Prequel: In the Quiet before Delicious Mayhem

My Chapter One: A Shocking Proposition

My Chapter Two: A Delicious Distraction is Afoot

My Chapter Three: Awash in the River

My Chapter Four: Blast his New Attraction

My Chapter Five: A Choice in the Dark

Jen Johnson’s published books can be found Here.

The Nobleman's Daughter (2)



  • Twenty-Two: A Choice in the Dark - She followed the group at the back, caught up in the quiet steps, the whispers, the occasional squeals from the ladies amongst them. Then a hand touched her arm, warm, gentle. And a finger gestured that she be quiet.… Continue reading →
  • Eighteen: Blast his New Attraction - With water still pooled in his boots, Henry watched Tabitha walk away, a thick blanket wrapped around her and dragging at her feet...wide eyes peered over the wool, trained on him...… Continue reading →
  • Eleven: Awash in the River - After being caught alone with a footman in the piano room, Tabitha had expected little good could come of dinner, especially as she was so determined to express her disapproval of Henry.… Continue reading →
  • Seven: A Delicious Distraction is Afoot - Unless you want to meet sooner. Tabitha paced the floor of her bedroom in great agitation. “What was I thinking? What am I doing?” She wrung her hands so much, they began to chafe. She had presented herself—she had been so… so,  forward, so like a woman of the night, or one of those widows… Continue reading →
  • Five: Shocking Proposition - No one saw Tabitha standing in the doorway of her brother, Tauney’s, room. James, the valet, lifted clothes out of Tauney’s trunks in large stacks instead of loading them in. Neat, color-coordinated piles of breeches and jackets decorated his bedding, and Tabitha’s worry increased. She shook her head. “We are already so late.” Tauney, only… Continue reading →
  • In the Quiet Before Delicious Mayhem Begins - Damen, most valued footman of the Countess Du’Breven, walked precisely three steps behind his employer, cradling her dog in his arms. She waved impatiently but kept at her slow pace. “Come Damen, I insist upon personally inspecting each of the rooms before our guests arrive.” Of all the ridiculous notions. “Shall we visit all 365… Continue reading →
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