House Party Characters

The Countess Du’Breven

The widowed grandmother of the current Earl of Breven, styled Du’Breven, she is the hostess of our party. By sheer force of personality, she is known to all and sundry as The Countess, no matter how many other ladies with the same title may be in the room. Having experienced a great love with her husband, the fourth Earl Du’Breven, she finds purpose and amusement in making matches among the haut ton. She is sharp-witted, autocratic, and owns a shocking tongue, but her heart is kind and tender.

The Footman, Damen

The nobility like their footmen to be handsome, and Damen is more good-looking than most. Something about him doesn’t completely fit the footman mold, and he seems to get away with more than most. But he works hard and is loyal to his employer, the countess.

Lord Horace Bloomsbury

He is condescending and arrogant, without having any real reason. He possess a modest fortune and the lowest title in the peerage (Baron), but holds himself as well above them all. He consider the Prince Regent his only equal, but only when in the Prince’s company- which has yet to happen.

Lady Horatia Bloomsbury

A baroness. After dominating and coddling her husband to death, she shifted her attentions to her only son. She takes pride in the fact she has not smiled in 22 years.

Mr. Jeffrey Teirny

A man of good fortune and taste. He has yet to secure a match because he has not found a woman possessing enough desirable qualities. Instead he trifles with women, earning him a reputation as a cad and a rake.

Miss Barton

Doe-eyed debutante. Very naïve and impressionable. She is preparing for her first London Season in December.

The Unwanted Suitor

Cornelia Greystock

After living at home with her family in Buxton became insupportable, thanks to an insufferable proposal from one she had once considered a friend, Cornelia was grateful to take a position as the Countess Du’Breven’s companion. As the Countess’s house party begins, Cornelia learns just how deep the elderly aristocrat’s schemes have become.

Sir James Hawkston

Having botched his first proposal to Cornelia Greystock, he attends the house party after receiving what amounts to an imperial summons from the Countess Du’Breven. To his amazement, he arrives to find that the Countess has provided him with a second chance at Cornelia’s hand and heart.


Mistaken Identity

Lord Conrad Pinkerton

The Marquess of Kendal. He is a full seven minutes older than his identical twin brother Lord Ian Pinkerton. Conrad gained his title at an early age. He is serious, almost to fault, mostly due to his brother’s complete lack of decorum.

Lord Ian Pinkerton

The second son. Lives for today and the pleasure to be had in the moment. He knows he will likely have to marry, but only for the right dowry.

Jessica Standish

The only child of her mother and father. Her parents had a true love marriage, which makes settling for anything less out of the question for herself.

Lady Rachel Standish

Jes’s mother. She was the youngest daughter of the Duke of Shearsby, but was disowned by her family and shunned by most of polite society when she married a merchant. When her husband’s ship went down, with him on it, it left Lady Rachel and her daughter penniless.


An Unlikely Courtship

Lord Anthony Pemberton

The future Earl of Holcombe. With his good looks and his devil-may-care attitude, Lord Anthony is a well-known rake who enjoys toying with women’s hearts and he has no intention of settling down anytime soon.

Miss Isabel Townshend

With a sick father and a sister who can’t be trusted not to fall in love with every man she meets, Isabel has become all practicality and won’t put up with nonsense. She attends the house party against her better judgment, hoping that her sister can make a good match before the family’s financial state becomes known.

Miss Anne Townshend

Isabel’s sister. Her mother died while giving birth to her, so Isabel is really the only mother she has ever known. Much different from her sister – trusting and naive. Prone to falling in love with almost every man she meets.

Sir George Townshend

Father to Isabel and Anne.  A doting father, but not the best with finances. While both daughters have a decent dowry, the family has been struggling financially for some time. He has become somewhat senile and has started showing signs of dementia, though he is unaware.


The Stable Master’s Daughter

Marjorie Fairchild

As the daughter of a stable master, she is resilient and unworldly. Her doting aunt whisked her away to London three years ago and introduced her to society. At the house party, Marjorie unexpectedly runs into her childhood crush—Reginald Beauchamp, who is the son of her father’s employer, and knows her humble origins.

Harriet Jones

Marjorie’s devoted aunt. She is the sister of Marjorie’s late mother. She drew Marjorie into her social class and opened a world of possibilities—from art to the hope of a glittering future.

Lord Miles Beauchamp

The future Earl of Strathford. He thrives on solving problems—the bigger, the better. He needs to straighten out his younger brother Reginald before his bad behavior hurts himself, his family, and Miles’ own freedom. When Reginald trifles with the most unsuitable lady at the house party, Miles intervenes.

Reginald Beauchamp

Lord Miles Beauchamp’s brother. He will inherit an estate from an uncle but in the meantime lives a life of pleasure. He cheats at cards, drinks hard, and steals hearts.

Jane Winters

As family friend to the Beauchamps, she is inordinately proud of her family’s close connection with the prestigious Beauchamp family—and wants to make the relationship permanent. She is determined to win Reginald and the beautiful estate he will inherit. She has enough money, confidence, and drive for the both of them.


Tabitha’s Folly

Tabitha Easton

She is the middle child of a family full of brothers. Her mother is ill and living in Bath to take the waters. Her father has passed away. Her eldest brother, Edward, is the Earl of Winslow.

Lord Henry Courtenay

A member of the House of Lords, he quietly works for reform with Lord Nathaniel, future Duke of Somerset. His grandfather served with the league of the Pimpernel. He is the best friend and long time childhood playmate of the Easton family. He has agreed to come to the party to help watch over Tabitha.

Lord Edward Easton

The eldest brother in the Easton family. His new responsibility to care for them all has turned him a bit crabby, but his heart is true.

Julius Easton

Second eldest and determined not to marry.

Oscar Easton

Third eldest, Corinthian, competitive, sports enthusiast, or cards enthusiast; he will play anything for the thrill of winning.

Tauney Easton

Closest in age to Tabitha, where Oscar loves competition, Tauney loves fashion. He spends hours planning his appearance in great detail. His hero of the era is
Beau Brummel and longs for an opportunity to watch him demonstrate the perfect cravat.