Welcome to the grand opening, world premiere, of Regency House Party!

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You won’t find ribbon cutting or cheering, camera flashes, and red carpet walking. We are now in Regency England and so, if you will, come back in time to a land where carriages, pulled by a team of horses arrive in front of a lovely Estate. Earlier in the day, your maid tied the last ribbon and placed the last tendril of hair, just so, at your neck. Valets were brushing down jackets and crisping cravats. And now, footmen open doors. Gloved hands rest on forearms. Everyone is engaged in the art and social dance of frivolity and merriment. Almost everyone…

We are so pleased you could join us. The party is designed so that you can step in during any moment and have an idea of what is going on around you. If confused, you can always go back to the beginning of any individual story, or the beginning of all of the arrivals. Each will be clearly marked. What we offer here, is a world, a place to experience a Regency House Party from the eyes of characters in five different stories. We hope that you discover that just like your favorite sitcom, each story blends to make one big whole: Regency House Party Collection One.

 You are our guest. Your rooms are ready. We will direct the footman as to where to place your trunks. You may wish to freshen up before dinner this evening. Prepare yourself. You may never want to leave.

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Guests are enjoying a certain amount of merriment on our Facebook page and group. Characters mingle with the visitors, Wellington the pug has an active presence and we announce new chapters as they go live. RHP Group

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